Did the cmdty National Soybean Price Index (NSPI, weighted national average cash price) close higher for the month? Yes it did, with the final calculation of $10.07 up 40 cents from September’s settlement of $9.67. However, when the final cash bid was calculated Friday the NSPI was down 35 cents from the month’s high of $10.42, enough for monthly stochastic to finally establish a bearish crossover above the overbought level of 80%. Note stochastics have been close to posting this bearish signal in the past, most recently in late 2019, but a monthly selloff always pulled this momentum study back below the overbought level. October 2020 was different, though, and now we have a signal the NSPI may have established a major top and could now look at confirming a new long-term downtrend. However, given the monthly close, there is no clear reversal pattern developing over the coming months, with the most logical candidate a possible bearish key reversal. To establish this pattern the NSPI would need to take out the October high and monthly low of $9.62 before closing lower for the month. On the other hand, if we apply the Goldilocks Principle, the secondary (intermediate-term) trend posted a clear 2-week bearish reversal, also in conjunction with a bearish crossover by weekly stochastic above 80%. Of the two, I put more stock in the patterns on the weekly chart.