The continuous monthly chart for nearby feeder cattle is not as exciting as many other markets we look at, as contracts have been flatlining generally since the end of the previous major downtrend as October 2016 came to a close. Since then nearby futures rallied from the low of $118.90 to a high of $161.50 during November 2017, then stayed above $130.00 until the breakdown during February 2020 (again, generally, as there was a spike to a low of $128.575 during April 2018 and to $127.65 during August 2019). After taking the Pandemic Plunge to $103.95 during April 2020, nearby feeders have settled into a price range between roughly $146 and $132, until March came along. Then we saw the nearby contract reach a high of $148.175 as part of a bullish outside trading range, setting the stage for possible follow-through buying activity in April. However, monthly stochastic are above the overbought 80% level, possibly limiting new buying interest, particularly if live cattle run into long-term trendline resistance.