Yes, I turned bullish the US dollar index (USDX) at the end of September as monthly stochastics established a bullish crossover below the oversold level of 20%. This coincided with a bullish major (long-term) key reversal that month, indicating the major trend had turned up. For a while it looked like the USDX was on the road higher, closing October at 93.88, up 0.06 from September’s settlement. However, as November played out the USDX started to sag, leading to a new low monthly close of 91.99 as it took out the August finish of 92.18. Part of me still wants to be bullish the USDX based on what I see in the overall business cycle, taking into account a number of different market sectors. But there’s no denying the USDX wasn’t ready to go up yet, despite an initial glimmer of hope the US economy was set for improvement over the course of 2021. These hopes were completely dashed like dying embers after a bucket of cold water has been thrown on them when Fed Chairman Powell made his statement the “economic outlook is extremely uncertain” Monday afternoon. That means we are back to the drawing board with the USDX as we wait for another low to form.