Yes, I’m still bullish the US dollar index ($DXY). And yes, I’m old and still wary of what could be a secondary (intermediate-term) downtrend within the major (long-term) uptrend I see on this monthly chart. September saw the $DXY hit a high of 94.50, a solid test of the initial upside target of 94.47, the 38.2% retracement level of the previous major downtrend from 102.99 (March 2020) through the low of 89.20 (January 2021). The weekly chart for there $DXY is indicating the secondary trend could soon turn down, through no signal or reversal pattern has been established yet. If the secondary trend does turn down, maybe this coming week, then it would be a Wave 4 selloff within the major 5-wave uptrend pattern. Once all this plays out, the Wave 5 target for there $DXY becomes 96.09, with the move expected to have monthly stochastics well into overbought territory above 80%. This would set the stage for the next major downtrend, and disappointed old market bulls who were thinking the $DXY would do greater things with this uptrend.